The official rules of the social media game #TwitterGo

How to Play

Capture your followers and the people you follow on Twitter in real life by taking and posting a picture of them on your Twitter feed, along with the hashtag #TwitterGo.


  1. A “capture” only counts if
    1. you personally took the photo of the person being captured immediately before your “capture tweet,” and
    2. you follow that person on Twitter, and/or
    3. they follow you on Twitter.
  2. Your score is calculated by tabulating the number of followers of the captured person at the time of capture. Scores are cumulative over time and have no meaning in real life.
  3. The only way to lose #TwitterGo is not to play.


@tjbliss created the social media game #TwitterGo on August 11, 2016 in Portland, Oregon by capturing @karlnelson and earning 442 #TwitterGo points.