Taking Advantage of Open Textbooks in K-12

About 8 months ago I gave a short presentation to a group of faculty and superintendents in Arizona who were preparing to develop open textbooks in math and language arts in their districts. The presentation was about effective textbook study strategies that students could finally use because they would be able to mark up and annotate their open textbooks.

I didn’t think much about the presentation until last week when I was on bus in New Orleans and ran into anĀ administratorĀ from one of the Arizona districts. He told me that the presentation I had given on textbook study strategies had been extremely informative and useful to the teachers who had seen it. He wondered if I had a narrated version that he could use more broadly in his district and which he could share with other districts. I told him I was happy to hear that the presentation had been impactful and agreed to update the slides with more rigorous content and narration.

After a few long hours of wrestling with technical difficulties and a bit of SlideShare frustration (you can only upload files smaller than 100mb without a Pro account), I present to the world my revised and “much” requested presentation on Textbook Study Strategies (in the context of OER).

Of course, it is openly licensed as CC BY – so have it!

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