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Headshot July 2013

TJ Bliss is the Director of Assessment and Accountability at the Idaho Department of Education. In this role, he is working to increase educator’s assessment literacy to impact instructional change on the ground. TJ is also the K-12 State Lead for Idaho to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, a group of 25+ states working together to develop the next generation of statewide assessment systems.  In addition to this work in assessment and accountability, TJ is also intensely interested in increasing access to education for all people. He believes that Open Educational Resources (OER) can play a big role in this endeavor.

TJ would love to discuss issues related to statewide assessment, assessment literacy, open education, or OER with you. Please feel free to start a conversation with him through comments on his blog, by sending a personal email, or by messaging him on twitter.

If you wish to contact TJ regarding official business related to the Idaho Department of Education, please use the contact information located here.